1000 Series: Water Based Stains

2000 Series Stains: Rift Oak Finishes

Only Available on Rift White Oak doors


Glazed Finishes:

3000 Series: Hand-applied glaze accents

4000 Series: Hand-brushed glaze accents

6000 Series: Glaze accents with distressing and/or sand-through

7000 Series: Painted Finishes

Available with or without glaze or distressing

Available only in mitered doors

Available only in MDF or Maple/MDF doors





Finishing Process

  1. Our furniture-like finish starts by selecting only the finest maple, beech, cherry, and rift white oak, and then hand-sorting the lumber to complement the finish.
  2. The panels are then sanded smooth, manually and by state-of-the-art sanders, starting with #100 grit and finishing with #220 grit sandpaper.
  3. Prior to staining, the panels are vacuumed to eliminate dust particles.
  4. The first coat of water-based stain is then applied using the Rototech Automatic Spraying machine with its rapidly spinning series of 24 guns that apply an even coat of stain every time.
  5. A second coat of water-based stain is then applied by the Rototech to enrich the natural beauty of the wood.
  6. An open area on the automated line allows for minor adjustments to ensure color consistency with master panels.
  7. Our environmentally-friendly wood sealer is then applied using an automatic reciprocating sprayer ensuring uniform protection.
  8. For the distressed look, distressing and sand-through are hand applied creating a unique look for each panel.
  9. For glazed finishes, the panels are then hand-rubbed with a glaze and wiped clean of excess glaze.
  10. After the glaze application, the product is slowly air-dried for 24 hours.
  11. The wood sealer is applied a second time with the automatic reciprocating sprayer.
  12. The sealed product then passes sequentially through a hot air oven and a high intensity UV oven to guarantee a complete cure.
  13. The panels are then hand and machine sanded to prepare for final topcoat.
  14. Our specially formulated UV topcoat is then applied by the reciprocating sprayer and any overspray is recycled further reducing any impact on the environment.
  15. Steps 13 and 14 are repeated for a finish that is scratch resistant, avoids yellowing, resistant to most household chemicals, and far exceeds all KCMA requirements.
  16. Each panel is individually inspected as it comes off the line to ensure our customer’s high expectations are met.

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