Hard Maple

We use primarily hard maple chosen for its fine, even texture and durability. The natural color is light-cream to off white tinged occasionally with slight red brown heartwood.  Density is heavy and strong, with resistance to shock and abrasion making it an excellent choice for cabinetry.  Its relatively uniform, even bland, closed grain look allows for excellent color consistency when stain or paint is applied and it polishes very well.

Recommended Finishes: Rustic (6131), Glazed Camino (3182), Portillo (1290), Del Mar (4824), Cabo (3850), Mojave (6914)


Beech is one of our most popular woods with pink to reddish brown heartwood and creamy to pink sapwood. It is very hard and heavy in weight and provides excellent shock resistance.  Its moderately tight, fine grain with evident intermittent flecking adapts well to a variety of finishes.

Recommended Finishes: Light Mocha (1050), Cocoa (1120), Camino (1190), Capistrano (1830), Moreno (1890).


Cherry is a distinctly elegant species with red to deep reddish brown heartwood and white to yellowish sapwood.  It is moderately hard, stiff and strong with medium weight making it highly shock resistant.  Its fine, closed grain allows it to take finish well, although light to natural finishes are recommended.  The beautiful natural markings (gum streaks, pin knots, bird pecks) and red color will darken to a rich reddish brown with age.

Recommended Finishes: Natural (1010), Light Mocha (1050), Nutmeg (1070), Colorado (1810), Capistrano (1830), Moreno (1890), Hacienda (6922)

Red Oak

Red Oak’s pinkish red to blonde color and broad grains give a pronounced appearance.  Although less popular in recent years, oak’s very hard and strong density gives it high shock resistance, so it remains a staple in cabinetry.  Red oak is naturally pinkish red to blonde in color and due to its porous nature, soaks up stains and offers a wide variety of finish tones.

Recommended Finishes: Natural (1010), Light Mocha (1050), Nutmeg (1070), Capistrano (1830), Moreno (1890)

Rift White Oak

Rift white oak is Cabinets 2000’s newest wood offering.  White oak has light to medium brown heartwood and nearly white to light brown sapwood.  The grain is straight, with a coarse, uneven texture.  Known for its strength and rot-resistance, white oak is an ideal material for cabinetry.  Sawmills use a special technique to cut rift white oak.  The result is a very dimensionally stable material that has a unique linear appearance, which is a beautiful complement to Cabinets 2000’s 2000 Series stains.

Recommended Finishes:   Alba (2410), Fulvo (243T), Terra Rosa (2480)

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